Fighting unconscious bias and discrimination of Roma people in the criminal justice system (2018-2020) | Magyar Helsinki Bizottság

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TAX NUMBER: 19013983-1-42

The transnational project coordinated by the Fair Trials aimed at secondary analysis of existing research papers, interviews of experts and organizing roundtable discussions in order to reveal discrimination against Roma people in the criminal justice system. Additional aims were to examine whether negative stereotypes, prejudices and attitudes appeared in the criminal justice system, and if they did, whether they were in anyway the causes of overrepresentation of Roma people in the system. The project aimed to identify the decisions where discrimination might played a role, and at creating a network of experts working on equal treatment.

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee contributed to the project, which started in 2018, as a partner and was responsible for research and project events in Hungary. Apart from online consultations with experts, an online workshop focused on the research findings took place on 2 October 2020. In addition, the HHC reported about the outcome of the Hungarian research at the final event of the project on 7-8 December 2020, at the international conference titled “Tackling racism and anti-Roma discrimination in the EU’s criminal justice systems” organized by the Fair Trials.

The National Report prepared in the framework of the project is based on interviews conducted with the representatives of the Roma community and experts of the subject matter. The draft of the report was finalized with the contribution of the representatives and experts through online consultations.

The National Report is available here in Hungarian.



EU-logoThe project was funded by the European Union.


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