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The Hungarian Helsinki Committee during its 26 years of operation has helped more than 22 000 people, published more than 50 books and has trained several thousand experts on approximately 200 training sessions in 50 countries of the world.

As of 30 September 2015. we have had almost 3000 clients, out of whom 1201 turned to us with their asylum cases and 1685 cases regarding a variety of other petitions.

Following are the testimonials from our clients, partners and supporters:

  • "The Hungarian Helsinki Committee has a fundamental role in securing the accountability of the state and also in providing immediate assistance to victims. At the same time they are an indispensible source of information for their partners and international organizations.”

    Nils Muižnieks
    (Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights)

  • “I am really grateful to you… I have never received so much help from anyone.”

    Milán, former client

  • “We would need more organizations like yours! Good luck!”


  • “We are proud of your work and wish you success!”

    Csabi and Judit

  • “Thank you very much for your kindness and assistance in sending the right answers to my questions.”

    László, our client

  • “We just love you!”

    a Migration Aid volunteer
    Nyugati railway station

  • “The Helsinki team has managed to stay calm even in the midst of chaos and panic and they were able to reason professionally while working in the field at the same time. I do not know how long their working days were, but they have become my most important source of information when it came to following legal developments. Respect!”

    Urbán Ágnes
    Mérték Media Monitor

  • “Hang in there! It is super what you are doing!”

    Mariann Dósa
    (The City is for All)

  • "Wholehearted thank you for your answer and for the all-embracing information provided by you. My empathy tells me that short-changed people and victims of aggressive crimes undergo such pain while they live their lives in numbness and solitude. I heard from the news and other sources of information that sometimes even those in power disagree with you, therefore please do not give up your work for the people! Staying human is an obligation!”

    Pál, Budapest

  • „I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for asking me and taking my professional expertise into consideration during your work. I wish you and all your colleagues good health and success in your future endeavours!”

    Györgyi Mendege
    retired police lieutenant colonel


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