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In Hungary victims are targeted by bias motivated crimes in most of the cases based on

  • their Roma origin,
  • their sexual orientation,
  • their Jewish origin, or
  • the fact that they arrived to Hungary as immigrants or refugees.

Their vulnerability is increased as the authorities of criminal justice tend not to apply the relevant legal norms properly. Therefore, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee organizes and delivers professional trainings for police officers, prosecutors, judges and legal practitioners which aim for contributing to more efficient prosecution of hate crimes, the imposition of proportionate sentences and the protection of victims of hate crimes.

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee is a member of the Working Group Against Hate Crimes which was established in 2012 by five civil society organizations. The Working Group aims to create a social environment rejecting hate crimes, to lobby for appropriate legislation and efficient enforcement of the relevant law, and to encourage victims to initiate legal proceedings when they are attacked due to the colour of their skin, origin, religious views or based on any other bias motivation. The organizational members of the Working Group provide pro bono legal representation to the victims of hate crimes.

As a result of the activities conducted by the Working Group, the relevant provisions of the Criminal Code were amended, numerous victims received access to legal representation, more than one hundred police officers have received high-quality training and a number of papers have been published in academic or professional journals on the law and practice of the prosecution of hate crimes.


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