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16 January 2015

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee (HHC) has launched the second volume of the multidisciplinary training manual “Credibility Assessment in Asylum Procedures”.

Credibility assessment is one of the most challenging aspects of asylum decision-making. The majority of asylum claims are rejected based on the justification that the determining authority or court does not believe what the applicant says. A number of research initiatives showed that this decision is often made in an intuitive, non-structured manner, disregarding both the relevant procedural safeguards and the vast amount of scientific knowledge about human memory, the impact of trauma, intercultural, linguistic and gender differences, and other distortion factors. To fill this gap, the HHC’s groundbreaking training manual on credibility assessment (published in 2013) offered an innovative, multidisciplinary learning method, elaborated in close cooperation with internationally renowned experts and the UNHCR. Since then, several hundreds of asylum professionals have been trained with the help of this manual all around the EU, and at as diverse places as Armenia, Kenya or Mexico.

The second volume, now available online, offers hands-on training on the linguistic and gender-related challenges of credibility assessment, as well as a specific focus on credibility assessment with children and in asylum cases based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Funded by the European Union, under the European Refugee Fund Community Actions.

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