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TAX NUMBER: 19013983-1-42

The notary of the village Rimóc (Northern Hungary) noticed that petty offence fines for lack of mandatory accessories for bicycles (ring, headlights, reflector prisms) are almost exclusively imposed on Roma people in the area, although the bicycles used by the non-Roma are not significantly better equipped. He notified the Authority and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee (HHC).

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One of Malév Hungarian Airline’s subsidiaries, Malév GH Zrt.  was fined one million Forints by the Equal Treatment Authority of Hungary in 2010 for discriminating against an employee on grounds of his trade union membership.  Malév appealed, but the court decided in favor of the employee, thus the Equal Treatment Authority’s decision became final.

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The HHC’s lawyer brought a lawsuit on behalf of a blind person who had been denied access to a supermarket (Match) because of his guide dog. On 18 March 2010, the first instance court established the violation of the plaintiff’s inherent personal rights, and obliged the defendant to apologize and also to pay HUF 500,000 as non-pecuniary damages.

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