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The Hungarian Helsinki Committee contributed to the project “Fighting unconscious bias and discrimination of Roma people in the criminal justice system”, which started in 2018, as a partner. The transnational project was coordinated by the Fair Trials and was funded by the European Union.

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The Hungarian Helsinki Committee has prepared a summary on the events of concern happened in Hungary in the course of the country’s EU presidency, with special regard to the signs of racism and intolerance and the adoption of the new Constitution of Hungary.

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In December 2008, the HHC set up anti-discrimination law clinics at two Hungarian law schools (ELTE University of Budapest and the University of Miskolc) to sensitize law students to this special legal field and provide them with a thorough theoretical background as well as practical skills that they could use in handling anti-discrimination cases.

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Comments of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee:   The Hungarian Helsinki Committee’s comments to the Third Report on Hungary by ECRI (26 March 2008) The Hungarian Helsinki Committee’s comments regarding the developments following the Second Report on Hugary by ECRI (7 July 2003)   Reports of the ECRI: ECRI’s Fourth Report on Hungary (24 February 2009) ECRI’s Third Report on Hungary (8 June 2004) ECRI’s Second Repo

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