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For the rule of law and human rights in Hungary – our 25 main achievements in 2016   We gave 832 clients free legal advice about police measures, ill-treatment and their rights in detention.   2800 asylum-seekers received free legal advice about the asylum procedure, their rights in detention and family reunification.

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The police failed to consider that the assault on the Chairman of the Raoul Wallenberg Association bears an anti-Semitic bias and failed to investigate the incident as hate crime despite the fact that the law provides greater protection for the victims of hate crime. Apparently, the judicial practice presents deficiencies in this area.

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The Hungarian Helsinki Committee submitted a 17-page analysis at the request of the parliamentary Committee investigating the Gyöngyöspata events. According to the HHC, the mandate for the Committee of Inquiry raises concerns as it fails to cover crucial issues, whereas it systematically emphasizes certain issues.

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The head of an extremist group (Betyársereg) cooperating with the parliamentary party Jobbik incited its audience to kill Jews, Roma and people who have “a different color skin” at a festival in Verőce. The Hungarian Helsinki Committee urges the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the case and the Prime Minister and the President of Hungary to condemn the manifestations of hatred.

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