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Article 7 – Access to Case Materials in the Investigation Phase of the Criminal Procedure in Hungary (2017)

Promoting access to case materials of defendants and their defense counsels in criminal proceedings has been a long-standing priority of the HHC, and is related to activities involving a series of successful applications submitted to the ECtHR. The implementation of the Right to Information Directive by Hungary in 2014–2015 constituted a major step in ensuring the right to access of case materials.

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Follow-up of the ECtHR pilot judgment on prison overcrowding

In its March 2015 pilot judgment issued in the Varga and Others v. Hungary case (in which three of the applicants were represented by the HHC), the European Court of Human Rights concluded that the overcrowding of penitentiaries in Hungary constitutes a structural problem, and Hungary should produce a plan to reduce overcrowding.

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Investigation of Ill-treatment by the Police in Europe – Comparative Study of Seven EU Countries (2017)

Ill-treatment has been prohibited by international and regional instruments and conventions for many decades. Yet torture and other forms of inhuman or degrading treatment at the hands of state officials, and particularly those engaged in the criminal justice systems of member states, continue to feature in many European countries. It also appears that the frequency of ill-treatment is not declining.

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Research Report on the Accessiblity of Letters of Rights in Hungary

Do defendants with no legal background understand their rights in criminal procedure? Do they know that they have the right to remain silent? Are they aware of what remaining in silence means in practice?   In the framework of the project titled “Accessible Letters of Rights in Europe”, funded by the European Union and launched in 2015, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee undertook a sociolinguistic survey to test whether the offici

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The Practice of Pre-Trial Detention: Monitoring Alternatives and Judicial Decision-Making (2015)

During the past few years, pre-trial detainees have made up almost one-third of the prison population in Hungary, contributing to the overcrowding of the penitentiary system, which, according to a 2015 judgment of the European Court of Human Rights, constitutes a structural problem in Hungary. For over half a decade until 2013, the number of pre-trial detainees in Hungary had increased constantly.

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