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Pre-trial detention of 83-year old woman ordered in her absence

An ill, 83 year-old lady, whose pre-trial detention was ordered in her absence by the Tatabánya Municipal Court in a criminal investigation that has been ongoing for almost eight years has been held at the Budapest Penitentiary for almost two weeks. According to medical reports, she suffers from a serious heart condition.

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Conference on actual life long imprisonment

Lifelong imprisonment without the possibility of parole was introduced in 1999 into Hungarian criminal law. In the EU at present Hungary and the United Kingdom are the only Member States that allow imposing a so-called “actual life sentence” on perpetrators of serious crimes.

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Joint NGO statement on the racist statements of Miskolc police chief

On 30 January 2009, Albert Pásztor, head of the Miskolc Police Headquarters held a press conference concerning robberies committed in the city of Miskolc. After the press conference, where he mentioned that all the robberies in the preceding two months had been committed by Roma perpetrators, he gave an interview, in which he said: “We can conclude that the robberies perpetrated in public areas are committed by Gypsy persons.

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