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Changes in the Hungarian criminal procedure due to COVID-19

On 31 March 2020, the Hungarian Government issued a decree that overrode certain provisions of the Hungarian Code of Criminal Procedure with a view to state of danger declared by the Government due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Further amendments followed on 8 May after the adoption of another government decree.

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Hungarian absurdity: Homeless people in handcuffs vs. human rights

Hungarian absurdity: Homeless people in handcuffs vs. human rights In Hungary, the practices established by the Police and the courts against homeless people seem to be humiliating and strongly discriminative. Since the criminalization of homelessness, which is and of itself is cruel, an affront to human dignity and seriously violating international human rights standards, procedural issues have been emerged.

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HHC 2017 – Strongest defender of human rights in Hungary

Against unprecedented pressure and the further dismantling of the rule of law in Hungary we remained a strong human rights watchdog in 2017. We continued to stand up for preserving democratic values, a vivid and independent civil society, the right to asylum and freedom from torture and inhuman treatment. Click here to learn more about what we achieved through strategic litigation, advocacy and capacity-building in 2017.

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JUSTICIA statement on Beuze v. Belgium

Ahead of the hearing before the ECtHR on 20 December in the Beuze v. Belgium case, NGO coalition expresses its hope that the European Court of Human Rights will rule in a way which guarantees that individuals cannot be convicted if were unlawfully denied early access to a lawyer in criminal proceedings.

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