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TAX NUMBER: 19013983-1-42

Special decree on expulsion violates EU law

Our new information update focuses on Government Decree 570/2020. (XII. 9.) which removes the possibility to obtain suspensive effect for appeals lodged against expulsions that are issued on the basis of of a violation of epidemiological rules or a threat to national security, public security or public order.

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The Right to Know

This one year project aims to make sure that no asylum-seekers, refugees or resident third-country nationals are excluded from protection, expelled from the EU or held in unlawful immigration detention with the abusive and arbitrary use of the national security argument, and that in such cases all those concerned can exercise their right to defence.

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Judicial and administrative remedies in asylum procedures in Latin America

The RELATE initiative is proud to launch its newest publication on “Judicial and administrative remedies in asylum procedures in Latin America”, thanks to the collaboration of our network members. This pioneering compilation contains detailed information on the judicial and administrative remedies available in asylum procedures in 11 countries in the Latin American region. Download PDF  

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RELATE Initiative

Inspired by the success of the Refugee Law Reader, the RELATE (Refugee Law Teaching Support) Initiative continues to promote the teaching of refugee law and international protection studies globally.

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Evaluating Frontex’s human rights mechanisms related to Hungary

Drawing on exchanges between the HHC, various stakeholders of Frontex and its Executive Director, our new information note shows how the Agency turned a blind eye towards well documented systemic human rights violations at Hungary’s Schengen borders for more than four years. Moreover, the Agency remained in Hungary even after the CJEU ruled in December 2020 that extrajudicial push-backs taking place at the Hungarian-Serbian border breach EU law.

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