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The Right to Know

This one year project aims to make sure that no asylum-seekers, refugees or resident third-country nationals are excluded from protection, expelled from the EU or held in unlawful immigration detention with the abusive and arbitrary use of the national security argument, and that in such cases all those concerned can exercise their right to defence.

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RELATE Initiative

Inspired by the success of the Refugee Law Reader, the RELATE (Refugee Law Teaching Support) Initiative continues to promote the teaching of refugee law and international protection studies globally.

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Guide on how to establish a refugee law clinic

The new edition of the “Guide on how to establish a refugee law clinic” is now ready! The guide has been updated with the collaboration of experts from Eastern Europe and Latin America. It aims to provide support and practical ideas to universities, professors, lawyers, NGOs, students, and volunteers who are interested in establishing a “refugee law clinic”, anywhere in the world.

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Project Right to faith: protecting the right to freedom of religion in Hungary

Since 2015, the systematic government’s anti-migrant hate campaign has strongly relied on an Islamophobic and anti-Muslim rhetoric, which has increased intolerance of the majority population towards Muslim communities. With this backdrop, the HHC decided to execute the project Right to faith: protecting the right to freedom of religion in Hungary over 2018 and 2019, funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Budapest.

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The Red Line Project

  The objective of the Red Line detention project (2017-2019) was to document and raise awareness of how EU states’ border “reception” procedures are increasingly used for the detention of asylum seekers.

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